Marketing & PR


It starts with a marketing consultation...

Stating the current status of your business and expressing what your goals are isn’t always easy, but it’s critical. Think of a marketing consultation as a warm-up. It’s tough to get started and it can be uncomfortable until you really get going. THAT’S when the magic starts to unfold.

We focus on client relationships in each and every marketing strategy, brand continuity, and measurable outcome. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Marketing and public relation services include:

  • consultation
  • blog outreach (building lists, creating e-blast templates, blog promotions)
  • community outreach (booking events, partnering with nonprofits, getting sponsors)
  • brand management
  • social media management
  • website development
  • print and online production
  • management and outreach across all media (from Amazon, billboards, radio, to TV)
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Social Media Management


Sometimes you need someone to create content for you – daily, every other day or weekly. Sometimes it’s just the custom images you need that show off your business/skills/services so you can share them with your followers. And sometimes you simply need to grow your followers. In any case, look no further.

Authentic followers, higher engagement, and social media content that’s just as enthusiastic as you are about your business IS possible and available at a reasonable rate.    

Services include:

  • weekly editorial calendar of posts for your approval

  • custom design of social ads, headers, and images showcasing you, your products, and/or business

  • management of social advertising

  • daily engagement and communication with followers

  • monitoring analytics and reporting them back to you as needed


Copy writing


Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. – Benjamin Franklin

Getting your potential and existing customers excited about what you’re promoting takes skill and talent. Whether you need someone to ghostwrite, write copy for a website, press release, e-mail campaigns, or create articles (600-1,000 words) from scratch to fill your production output, it can be done.