Elle Fanning's Magical Playgrounds


If you’re looking for a reason to give, look no further than Shane’s Inspiration, a nonprofit that created the largest and first Universally Accessible Playground in the Western US at Griffith Park, Los Angeles. The Williams family developed the organization after losing their son Shane Alexander to Spinal Muscular Atrophy only a few weeks after his birth. Their vision is to foster a world that is accessible to children with disabilities, focusing on inclusive playgrounds nationwide.  

One of their largest supporters is the young, talented and recently-coronated Disney princess, Elle Fanning. Seems like this 16-year-old has more in common with her selfless co-star Angelina Jolie beyond residing in the same kingdom. For the past five years Elle has devoted her focus on children with disabilities and this March she served on the Honorary Committee at the Spring gala benefiting Shane’s Inspiration.

To learn more about all the famous and generous names attached to Shane’s Inspiration and what you can do to help create an environment in your neighborhood accessible to ALL, click here.

More about Angelina Jolie’s charitable work can be found here.

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