McGinley, ‘Spreading the Word’ from the ‘Ground Floor’


I have to admit I have a little crush on John C. McGinley. Maybe it’s the thick-skinned, smart-mouth, witty and highly confident characters he plays. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s his sincere presence and admirable contribution to advocating for people with down syndrome that has me sighing at this muscular, blue-eyed man.

Since the birth of his son Max, who has down syndrome, John turned the spotlight on serving as a celebrity ambassador, board member, international spokesperson, and more for organizations such as the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. In 2011, the foundation awarded John with the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award for his support to those with developmental disabilities. 

The Special Olympics Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign is one that John keeps close to his heart and fights strongly to put an end and educate others on the ramifications of using the “R” word:

“An individual’s dignity is not only an entitlement; it is a fundamental quality that distinguishes each of us and lends an informed significance to everything that we do. And anytime a person’s dignity is stomped on, it is wrong. Make no mistake about it. Words do hurt. And when we pepper our speech with retard and retarded, we are spreading the hurt. So stop it.”

Be inspired by John’s journey and learn how you can get involved.

More on John C. McGinley’s, Spread the Word to End the Word found here.

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