Leonardo DiCaprio Protecting The Wolf on 'Wall Street’ and Beyond


As moviegoers we’ve been dazzled for years while Leonardo DiCaprio broke hearts as our 'Romeo,' thrilled us by not knowing whether the FBI could 'Catch' him (or even if they could), and mesmerized by his ‘Wolf’-like tenacity on Wall Street. But what many have not seen is the REAL Leonardo DiCaprio- the one without makeup or spotlights- the one behind the curtain, who is 100% committed to building a sustainable relationship between humankind and the environment.

For the last 16 years the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, LDF, has focused on preserving Earth’s last wild places through grant making, campaigning and media projects.  Last week in an effort to protect the world’s oceans LDF awarded Oceana with a $3 Million grant!

Other recent LDF efforts include: protecting tigers from extinction, safeguarding the last rainforests and Antarctica, saving sharks, and providing access to clean water.

Check out all the latest and greatest happenings by the LDF led by one of our favorite leading men!

original image from mail.com

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