Kristen Bell Wants to Change the World


Last year Kristen Bell made headlines when she used Kickstarter to fund the return of fan favorite, TV show Veronica Mars. Since then she’s been using her online producer persona to fund other efforts, as she puts it, “to change the world.”

So far she’s received donations, raised awareness and publicity hype for Path Partners- to end homelessness in LA, and Invisible Children- to bring a permanent end to LRA Atrocities in East and central Africa. For Kristen’s 30th birthday she raised over $69,000 when she asked fans to donate towards her goal of $100K to end the water crisis through

Whether it’s fame, beauty or a cheerful smile that makes Kristen’s fans become active in her philanthropy, this activist is well on her way of truly changing the world. What can YOU offer the world to make a difference?

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