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Executive producer, Latina activist and star Eva Longoria makes a memorable splash wherever she goes. My favorite ‘Desperate’ housewife is always on the run with her infectious smile and warm heart while supporting friends like Serena Williams at the US Open, snapping photos of time spent with her adoring family, and gracing the late night shows as she promotes her television comedy-drama series, Devious Maids.

And somehow in the midst of her ‘on-the-go’ schedule she still has time to show her commitment to her favorite group of people – children. There’s the Eva Longoria Fund (ELF) that she established in 2002 to assist charities related to children and the Latino community. Eva’s Heroes, a San Antonio-based charity she co-founded to foster the lives of teens and young adults who are developmentally challenged. And then there’s her latest involvement with the #30ForHope campaign with a goal to raise $30,000 in 30 days to benefit kids with cancer and their families.

Not even political audiences can hide from this persistent advocator who has a Masters in Political Science and Chicano Studies. Eva most recently proclaimed her support for Bobby Shriver for LA County Supervisor stating, “He will fight for children and low-income communities and will improve the lives of Latinos throughout the county.”

Whether you ever doubted the talent of this Young and the Restless star, there’s one thing you can’t ignore – Eva’s bleeding heart and passion that fuels her philanthropic nature. She’s a recipient of several awards granted for her charitable giving, including but most definitely not limited to awards from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the National Hispania Leadership Institute, The National Civil Rights Museum, Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Be inspired, get involved, and do something charitable because Eva believes you don’t have to be famous to make a difference and I couldn’t agree more!  

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