Ben Affleck + TOMS + Eastern Congo

Limited-edition collection of TOMS! Each purchase helps fund the work of The Eastern Congo Initiative, Ben Affleck's nonprofit (hello!) and of course, like TOMS's motto, for each pair sold a child in need will receive a new pair of shoes. Cute shoes, great cause- now that's win-win! Buy them here 

Click on video (very cool) below to see what The Eastern Congo Initiative is all about.

"…This is what I believe in, what I think of as the meaning of life. Getting involved with something, helping others, improving the fabric of the universe and I believe that if you do that, even just a little bit, I think you'll find your life gets better, too." 
Ben Affleck

ECI's Mission:
The Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), founded by Ben Affleck in 2010, carries a mission to increase economic and social opportunities for those living in eastern Congo. Their combination of public and private partnerships along with grant-making initiatives are laying the foundation for local, community groups in eastern Congo to do what is needed to build sustainable futures. Doesn't everyone deserve a helping hand and a little motivational push once in a while?

More about The Eastern Congo Initiative

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