Katy Perry: Unconditionally UNICEF

This December children in underdeveloped nations will get even more support from the merry and bright Goodwill Ambassadors of UNICEF as Katy Perry has now joined the elite team. Katy's visit to Madagascar last April opened up her world to the realities and dire necessities of education, proper nutrition and sanitation from the island's most vulnerable inhabitants - children.

As shared with ABC news, Katy expressed how emotionally transformed she was from the journey:

The experience still continues to change me and reshape my thinking….When I’m in the field with UNICEF, no one is my fan. They don’t even know who I am. They just see a person coming to help them, to spread the love and joy that UNICEF has.

Proven that she is nothing but genuine, Katy will love 'Unconditionally' and place her focus on children with disabilities. She shares the humble spotlight with fellow celeb Goodwill Ambassador's David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Jackie Chan, Liam Neeson, and Susan Sarandon.

Click here for more on this story from UNICEF

Pics by abcnews.com and unicef.com

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