Six Degrees of Social Good, Kevin Bacon Approved

Ever wondered who Kevin Bacon is 'Following' during the holidays? Wonder no more!

This holiday he, along with his charity, are participating in a movement that brings some SOCIAL GOOD to hundreds of independent business owners, allowing them to give to ANY charity of YOUR choice. It's called "Shift Your Shopping For Good."

Here's how it works - mention Shift Your Shopping For Good at the register and a portion of your purchase will be designated to a nonprofit of your choice. You'll do TWO great things - support a charity + engage in community development!

If your fave local vendor isn't part of the movement yet, encourage them to join! It takes only a few secs to sign up. Have them visit and BAM! They're on the list!

So this holiday season, take a stance with Señor Bacon,

"we’re all just six degrees away from each other, right? I think there’s something to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. I try to support local business owners and get to know the people that make up my neighborhood."

Join the movement and get inspired

More of Kevin Bacon's charitable initiative

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