9 - Kids' World Away from Cancer, The Imus Ranch

Listed on the 2013 "Top 10 Celebrity-Related Charities" list and making a monumental impact on children's lives is The Imus Ranch founded by Don and Deirdre Imus in 1998. The working cattle Imus Ranch provides a nine day great American cowboy experience to any child living with cancer or serious blood disorders as well as children who have lost their siblings to Sudden Death Syndrome. Set on over 4,000 acres located in Ribera, NM, the ranch also supplies three organically-farmed meals a day and keeps trusted nearby physicians on hand.


The Ranch is an opportunity for sickly kids to feel normal and forget about their illness as they get in-tune with the natural environment of New Mexico.


Our objectives are to encourage in them a sense of achievement, responsibility and self-esteem, and to instill pride and restore their dignity as they become aware of just how much they are able to accomplish.
-Founders, Don and Deirdre Imus

Get inspired, do good and learn more about the beauty that unravels on the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer!

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