Stella McCartney's High-Fashion Free for Cancer Patients


Allow me to introduce/re-introduce you to Stella McCartney. A heart-of-gold English fashion designer, entrepreneur, mother of 4 and daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and the late animal rights activist, Linda McCartney.

Stella has recently made headlines for her extraordinary and charitable efforts in making sure that EACH cancer patient at King's College Hospital in London receive a FREE limited designed headscarf over the next year. Her own mother lost the fight to breast cancer and Stella's efforts are focused on making the ill feel a sense of normalcy and beauty.

"The idea of losing your confidence while going through such an incredibly immense moment in your life is just not acceptable." - Stella McCartney

Valued at $231 a piece, this charitable act is nothing but inspiring. These intricately designed headscarves are available for purchase and part of the Harper Bazaar's Exclusive Collection with proceeds going to the same hospital's charity.

Shop the Harper Bazaar's Exclusive Collection and contribute to the cause.

View more of Stella McCartney's designs and products.

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