Sienna Miller's Celeb Good Brings Global Comfort


When disaster strikes look for First Responders like Sienna Miller to pull you right through.

Thanks to the efforts and commitment of First Responders like Sienna Miller, Global Ambassador for International Medical Corps, families and health workers in Africa will better cope with recurring natural events such as drought and food scarcity. Announced at last week's 2013 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action, the International Medical Corps stated their two year commitment to continue to train communities to become their OWN first responders in emergencies or natural disasters.

“Resilience is the difference between children in an Ethiopian refugee camp dying of cholera because there is no clean water, rehydration salts or trained nurses – and those same children growing up healthy because the people in their community were educated and trained on proper sanitation and nutrition.” - Sienna Miller

Fellow committed First Responders influenced and motivated by Sienna Miller: Jamie Bell, Cary Elwes, Ben Foster, Chelsea Handler, Ben Harper, Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Kate Mara, Jaclyn Matfus, Robert Pattinson, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Sturridge, Mario Testino, Anna Wintour, and Robin Wright.

Learn more about International Medical Corps.

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