Meet Kat Corona Pilgrim

Direct yet personable. Engaging and enthusiastic. Creative designer at heart with a love for analytics, strategic development, and networking.

It all started when...

I was about eight-years-old in awe of watching my parents balance their individual small businesses, raise a family, and still find the time and finances to give to the community. My father volunteered every summer to help manage our church's fair and my mother, to this day, waits in anticipation every Christmas for her sanitation crew and mailman to arrive so she can gift them a fruit basket she makes them personally. THIS selfless giving is what inspires me, moves me, makes me whole.

The idea of living life with dedication, gratitude and having that endless need to GIVE is what I work on daily to pour into my own business, my family, and life. If you're on the same path, let's collaborate. 

Let's talk shop...

I set the vision at See Kat Run and I use my wealth of experience (since 2005) to develop impactful creative projects that reflect the originality of each client. I strive to build a culture of collaboration and an ego-free environment with my clients.

My educational background is in business marketing and graphic design. I am well experienced in social media, branding, business development, print and online production, public relations, and project management.

Specialties Include:
Brand management & corporate identity
Business development
Community outreach
Social media & blogging
Customer relationship management
Strategic analysis
Print and online production

But that's JUST me. My team is growing and that means more attention towards YOUR goals and projects. Click below to talk about the possibilities of working with See Kat Run.

You can usually find me lending my skills to a small business that’s just starting out, on a run because yes, you just might “see Kat run”, or thoroughly enjoying my family and motherhood.
— Kat Corona Pilgrim